Replacing the Backstop with alternative arrangements

When the prime minister told us she will abandon her Brexit deal, ‘the best and only deal which is on the table’ (her words) and head back to the EU with a revised deal without the backstop but with ‘alternative arrangements’ I was intrigued. Despite many MPs asking her to set out in detail the ‘alternative arrangements’ we were left clueless, so I decided to Google it. 

Apparently ‘Alternative Arrangements’ is a florist in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, which, judging by its website lives up to its name. Actually, it makes a pleasant change browsing innovative flower displays rather than watching the nonsense played out in the House of Commons recently. Nonsense is probably an understatement.

Let’s just put this into perspective. The conservative government has spent the last 30 months negotiating a withdrawal deal with the EU. The deal was put before Parliament and was rejected, making history in the process, by being the biggest defeat ever suffered by a government. The prime minister then takes two weeks out to try and come up with something better and amazingly comes back before the House and scrapes through with the words ‘alternative arrangements’. Now she has another fortnight to go back to the EU and renegotiate the deal, despite the EU saying the deal which took 30 months to negotiate is non-negotiable, it’s the final deal, there is no more on offer. In the meantime, in an effort to garner support for her new deal, she’s is offering labour MPs cash bribes for their constituencies. She’s purchased the DUP vote and now she’s doing the same for labour. Scandalous!

So why did all those MPs, including Steve Double, who voted down her original deal, suddenly have a change of mind and support the so called alternative arrangements? They’re simply buying time. They are running down the clock to March 29th knowing full well the EU will insist on keeping the backstop and we’ll go crashing out without a deal. And of course those same MPs will lay the blame squarely on the EU rather than accepting responsibility for the catastrophic consequences of their actions. They will move to justify withholding the £39 billion settlement payment and our international reputation will be left in tatters.

Banks, businesses and institutions are all making their own alternative arrangements. They can see the writing is on the wall and they are shifting assets and moving out. Unfortunately those who will really suffer a no deal Brexit, the British public, can’t make alternative arrangements and must sit and watch their elected representatives steer this country into the abyss.

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