Tim Styles unimpressed by 'smoke and mirrors' NHS funding announcement

Commenting on the announcement of £99.9 million for a new mother and baby unit at Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske, Tim Style’s Lib Dem parliamentary candidate said: “Everyone knows Tory promises to Cornwall are just not worth the paper they are written on. Anyone would think there is an election coming.”

“Whilst money for Treliske is always to be welcomed, Boris Johnson must take voters in Cornwall for mugs if he thinks this clear election bribe will cut any ice with voters.

“Everybody knows the Government has been underfunding our NHS in Cornwall for years, directly leading to the regular Black Alert emergencies every year and forcing our hardworking doctors and nurses to come under intolerable strain during the summer months when Cornwall’s population shoots up.

“The Tories take a way with one hand then give a fraction of the money back again in a blaze of publicity just before an election.

“NHS Kernow’s £109 million remain well short of the figure which the Government’s own formula says is our “fair share.

“In addition, Treliske’s historic debt, caused by years of under-funding currently stands at £87.4 million and is likely to rise to £104 million by the end of the year.

“If Boris Johnson is serious about helping our NHS, he should wipe out the historic debt once and for all and build in a long-term funding increase that would protect our existing hospitals and allow hospital mangers to plan properly.

“As it is the people who run our hospitals currently have to consult a crystal ball to try and pre-guess when the next general election is going to be.

“The Tories should stop playing games with smoke and mirrors and call an immediate general election to let people decide who they trust to run our NHS.“

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